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Gateless was born as result of beautiful friendship and a common passion for music. The residence of Gateless Band is in Mangalia (a small town in Romania at the Back Sea side). The band was born last year and is hardly working the first release and concept named in the same way as the band \"Gateless\". They had a lot of local gigs and they are planning to continue doing what they like most (making music).The sound of this band is quite strange.
The reason is the style, representing a wide mixture of many influences, starting from progressive metal (with choruses in style of early years of Dream Theater) but not so complicated as structure, continuing with a strong alternative feeling, especially on the voice part, a little bit of jazz and also elements of industrial (due to use of samples instead of a real drummer). The songs are different one from each other. The language is combined there are songs in Romanian language most of them are in English.The lyrics are social inspired and there are 2 main vocalists.

The members

Andrei Trifu (voice) - professional deep sea diver
Lavina Mesu (voice) - recovery gymnastic trainer
Ratoi Catalin (keyboard, programming) - manager
Alexandru Turcu (guitar) - student\\
Tony Rizon (bass) - dentist


Progressive Rock



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